Audience Riser Rental

Audience Risers

Audience riser rentals, also called choir risers or choral risers, come in all different sizes depending on the amount of people the riser will need to accommodate. A general rule of thumb is that four people and/or chairs can fit per 8ft wide section.

Audience Riser

Audience Riser w/Chairs & Tables

Each audience riser has guard rails on the back and on the sides for safety. This is especially important if children will be on the riser.

Audience Riser Recommendations

  • The recommended rise per level is either 6 inches or 8 inches without needing a step in between each level. These are standard step heights.
  • If people will be standing, then 6 inches or 8 inches rise will not require a toe kick or a step between each level.
  • If you are in need of a rise greater than 8 inches, the next rise up should be 12 inches so we can use a 6 inch step unit between each level. A toe kick is required if using chairs.
  • If people will be in chairs, then a 6 inch rise is recommended without needing a toe kick. However, if you require 8 inches or more rise, a 1”x1” toe kick will be required to prevent chairs from falling between levels. You do not need a toe kick on the back row because guard rails will be installed.

We can provide some very intricate designs for your audience riser. A simple angled effect can be done as well.

Audience Riser Curved

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